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Tips for choosing a watch

 The choice of a watch is not an easy process. When choosing a watch we sincerely hope that it will make us happy not only one year. If you still do not know what watch to choose, read these lines. Buying a watch can become an exciting experience.


When selecting a watch, you first answer the question, when and how you wear it?

The watch is not a thing that only shows the time. It may tell a lot about the person who wears it - reflects our style and character.

The watch should have important functions for you - such as waterproofness, shock-resistance or maybe for you it is a stylish accessory.


Another major aspect of choice is the price. The price is a combination of the brand, all the features that have watch a large-scale series and materials of construction . Hence the choice of the brand can be a key for you , but this is of course very subjective and a matter of personal choice.


Above all, the watch should be comfortable , it is still a daily accesories . Dial should be easy to read. Whether the clock is like bracelet with leather or metal chain is a matter of preference. The skin is the lightest material, but not enough waterproof metal chain are vodoustoyachivi , but they are heavy . Exception is titanium bracelet that is warm and half the weight of stomanata.Zadalzhitelno avoid models with very sharp edges and protruding buttons in everyday life they are extremely inappropriate choice .


Watches for everyday feature diversity and challenge , they accent is noticeable . If you want to express yourself with a modern model clock to complete your vision , you can experiment with bright colors and attractive shapes. Q & Q brand and Charles Delon while in the lower price range , rely on Japanese failsafe mechanism MIYOTA by Citizen, quality materials and a variety of series. The patterns are bold , colorful and exquisite .


In more formal occasions , choose the classic models. They are characterized by simplicity of design , clean and stylish linii.Za such cases, you can trust the classic series brand CONTINENTAL. Formal models CONTINENTAL brand watches feature reliable mechanism . In the range of this brand has models with gold chains and housings. Continental clocks are manufactured by the Swiss company EVACO SA-Switzerland. This brand offer and sports models. For special occasions you can trust and brand WESTAR. Westar & Colbert Switzerland as one of the leading companies in the production of high quality and reliable watches, and one of the first on the trend for the adoption of the watch as jewelry to complement the overall look of its owner. Established in 1985 . mining company rapidly worldwide fame with its innovative approach and are synonymous with style.


If you need a sports watch , it is their choice to be waters of the features offered by the model. More suitable clock with digital display that reads as easily. Whether the model has a timer , alarm clock and other functions is a matter of your choice. In these watches is an important degree of water resistance for divers as it should be 200m. You can select from models of the established brand Casio and attractive sports series of Timex. Timex has been around since the late 19th century. Waterbury Watch began using the name Timex in the UK in 1879, but clocks Waterbury Watch appear with Timex brand in the U.S. and around the world until 1950 . , But are leading manufacturers of sports and stylish watches, distinguished by quality craftsmanship and electrifying vision.

Note the tray : 

degree of water                                                   use

resistance                                                          ISO 2281

Waterproof watch withstand wetting, but not at a high water pressure.


30m            3ATM                    3BAR        waterproof watch only from water

                                                                droplets ( not withstand pressure )


50m              5ATM                  5BAR         Waterproof clock only for

                                                                 swimming and running water


100m            10ATM                10BAR        Waterproof watch for swimming

                                                                 and diving up to 2 meters deep


200m             20ATM                20BAR        Diving watch depths



Treat yourself to watch for every occasion and paint your day !


We wish you a good time in our site!



Tips for choosing a watch
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